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Gentle Day®FAR-IR Anion Eco Period Kit

Product Code: Period Kit
Availability: In Stock

Buying a kit is always more worthy, because:

You get free delivery( UK Only)

Save money

Get a useful box to keep your femine products.

You get resources for a longer period of time.

By buying this kit you will get it all:

1 bottle of Gentle Intimate Wash 250ml


3 packages of Gentle Day® FAR-IR Anion Eco Day Use Pads (10pc/pack) - for regular menstruation days

2 package of Gentle Day® FAR-IR Anion Eco Night Use Pads (8pc/pack) - for those few abundant days and during night

1 package of Gentle Day® FAR-IR Anion Eco Absorbent Liners (20pc/pack) - for the last menstruation days, when you do not need heavy protection

1 packages of Gentle Day® FAR-IR Anion Eco Pantiliners (30pc/pack) - for everyday use with light discharge and during your trips

1 packages of  Gentle Day® Organic Bamboo intimate wipes 10 pcs


Invention patent No. 200510076755
Certifyed Oeko-Tex® 100 (No. 2011LK0006) and Made for health (No 2014TM0087)
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.
ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System
Products are made from highest quality materials according to strict national health standards GB15979-2002.
Test Report of Microbiological Testing No. M 5783 (M 14468 - M 14471) accredited by ilac-MRA, DAP, DAR.


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