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Why choose us?


Why should you choose Gentle Day® products?

Gentle Day® brand stands out because of the spirit of innovation and genuine concern about woman's health. All our products are developed with ecology and health care in mind. 
Gentle Day® FAR-IR ANION sanitary napkins are the only eco-friendly organic sanitary napkins with an anion strip (Invention patent no. 200510076755). Each year our products are beeing tested by International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology (Oeko-Tex®, SWITZERLAND) to meet high human-ecology standards. Gentle Day® sanitary napkins also pass strict requirements of Made for Health® certification where products citotoxicity and biochemical parameters beeing tested. We guarantee the high quality of the products that is proven by studies and certificates.


You may avoid the feeling of tension, skin irritation, rash and perineal pain with Gentle Day® sanitary pantiliners as they are perfectly air permeable, their surface remains dry and the anion strip suppresses reproduction of germs inside the pantiliner; thus, eliminating a favourable environment for the propagation of germs.


  • With sensitive and tending to allergy skin
  • For those who has abundant menstruations
  • With painful and irregular menstruations
  • For girls whom the first menstruations started
  • After giving birth
  • With urologic complaints because of incontinence
  • ​After gynecological surgeries   ​

 Absorbency test proves that Gentle Day® regular pad absorbs up to 5 times more than the conventional pad.


   How Gentle Day® sanitary napkins are special?

Conventional pads often irritate skin, their composition is not always known and therefore it is not clear what chemicals can be released and accumulated in the body when you wear them. Most organic cotton pads do not absorb well, they have to be changed frequently, so these pads can be used only by women whose menstrual periods are not heavy. Gentle Day® pads are made of high quality chlorine free materials, and their pH is skin-friendly. Pads are certified with Oeko-Tex® 100 certificate. The ecological tests conducted in Aitex Institute in Spain revealed that these pads meet all human ecology-related requirements. During tests the concentration of harmful substances that can often be found in textile and pulp products has been determined. Over time these substances accumulate in the human body, causing allergies, mutations or even cancer.
Each Gentle Day® pad layer is made so as to better perform its function during menstrual periods or in everyday use. The cotton surface of daily pads does not irritate the skin, while the soft top layer of menstrual pads allows the liquid to pass through it very quickly and remains dry as the hydrogel layer perfectly absorbs moisture turning it into a jelly-like state. These pads have an extremely good absorbing capacity – they can absorb up to 5 times more than conventional pads. Side folds provide excellent protection against side leakage. The base layer with micropores is highly permeable to air, and the stripes made of adhesive that is used in food industry do not clog the pores of the bottom layer, so even on the hottest summer day a woman feels fresh, and her skin is not irritated. In addition, these pads have a yellow anion strip, and we would like to tell you a bit more about it.


                                                                                                       Tourmaline and Anion



Nature and Technology to Women Health

A woman’s body during menstruation period is not only particularly vulnerable by stress and certain functional disorders but also by infections. Proper hygiene during these days helps to prevent genital infections and provide a pleasant feeling of comfort. Modern science through natural resources creates new opportunities for women hygiene products, favourably affecting her health at an inconvenient time. By using the most advanced technologies in Gentle Day® pads yellowish tape tourmaline crystal was used which has the unique characteristics. It is able to generate far-infrared (IR) rays and anions. For anion strip these pads were granted the invention patent (Patent No: 200510076755). This technology has come from China and Japan where the products with IR and anions are very popular and well appreciated.

What are the Features of Tourmaline?

Tourmaline is environmentally friendly mineral which is able to radiate far-infrared (IR) rays and negative ions (anions) creating an electromagnetic field and radiate rare trace elements while it is exposed to an external force or heat. Various usages of tourmaline features are popular in significant improvement of people’s living environment and their quality of life. This mineral is also known as the electric stone – it is being extracted mainly in Brazil, China and Israel. It was noticed that in Brazil’s tourmaline mines the health condition of miners was much better than of other miners. Therefore, it was started to believe that tourmaline can have positive effects on health. In 1990 the attention was put to the tourmaline’s positive effects on humans. It is believed that this is due to the electronic features of tourmaline and the chemical composition constituting the crystal. Recently more and more biological features of this mineral have been found and it was started to use in more various industry areas. Because of tourmaline’s ability to generate far-IR rays and anions it absorbs small inorganic ions. Therefore, tourmaline is used to clean the air, water and toxic waste, as well as to inhibit harmful bacteria.

What are the Benefits of Far Infrared?

Far Infrared (IR) are natural, safe waves emitted by all warm objects, living organisms, including human, and the largest IR source is the Sun. We live in a long-wave IR environment, our bodies get them and radiate. Among the energy spectrum that reaches us from the Sun far IR waves are the safest and most beneficial source of the electromagnetic energy, especially when the resonant frequency is 6 to 15 microns. Our hand surface radiates 8-14 micro meter infrared energy. Far IR is completely safe and has nothing to do with ultraviolet rays or other radiation which have a negative impact.These waves are able to penetrate into the body and to heat it so it activates water molecules in the cells, stimulating the enzyme synthesis process. Therefore, it can be successfully used in medical and therapeutic treatment of different types of chronic pain, inflammation, muscle strain, weak immune system. NASA studies have shown that the stimulation of infrared rays is the best method to maintain astronauts’ stable cardiovascular condition during longer spaceflights.

What are Anions?

Anion – the negatively charged atom of air particles. Anions emerge naturally from the air molecules which break away from sunlight, far infrared and moving air or water. Anions are odourless and tasteless molecules that are inhaled into our respiratory system. We feel fresh, energetic, recreated if the air is full of anions. So they are known as air vitamins. Large concentration of anions can be found in nature, mountain forests, next to waterfalls and beaches. Almost half a century experts are studying the relationship between the health and anions. They all agree that our health these days is very strongly influenced on the ions’ quantity and quality in the environment. A.D. Moore (Michigan State University), world’s famous ion researcher states that the control of quantity of anions in the air can have a positive effect on the human body and the anion-rich air inspiration can contribute to patients healing. So today scientists agree that the anions are necessary factor for good health maintenance and the best source of anions is far infrared rays. Among the many ions that constantly fall in the air anions are ones of the most active. This anion bio-activity is the essence of healthy.

What are the Features of New Generation Pads Gentle Day®?

Top quality Gentle Day® pads have yellow anion strip which is capable to reduce 85% of ammonia odour and kills 99.9% of Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria. The purpose of anion strip is to destroy odour and prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause skin irritation or disorders of reproductive system. Conducted dermatological tests have shown that Gentle Day® pads do not irritate the skin. Organic Certificate OEK-Tex® and Made for Health® guarantee that chemical and biological products are safe. Studies show that pads do not contain harmful substances such as chlorine, formaldehyde, acetone, benzene, heavy metals, phenols, pesticides, fungicides and others which may harm the human body or accumulate in the body.

                                   Why there is no discomfort and imperceptible odour with Gentle Day® sanitary napkins?

Because of the yellow anion strip these pads were granted a patent for invention. With the help of high-tech the tourmaline crystal is being used in yellow strip of Gentle Day®, which has ability to generate Far Infrared Rays (heat) and Anions (negative oxygen ions) under the factor of body heat, moisture and pressure or friction. Far Infrared Rays – is also gaining popularity as a safe heat therapy method of natural health care and physiotherapy.

The proper hygiene during menstruation is particularly important because of the increased risk of infection. Women's body (especially genitals and reproductive system) are more prone to various diseases during those days. After 20 min. bacteria starts to multiply in tampons and pads, which can cause a variety of ailments like skin irritations, vaginal pH imbalance, reproductive system diseases, tampons can cause TSS (toxic shock syndrome). In order to protect the skin of intimate areas during the menstrual period, to help heal any small sores (e.g., after childbirth), as well as to protect women's reproductive system, Gentle Day® pads are made with an anion strip that eliminates odours and inhibits the growth of bacteria in the pads. The concentration of anions in the FAR - IR ANION strip is 6000 cm³.


What madeforhealth certification is?

The certification is created like a chemical and biological safety symbol for all textile products from Healthcare sector. This label insures chemical safety through compliance with the REACH regulation and biological safety through microbiological control and biocompatibility tests to the final product.



Gentle Day® sanitary napkins and wipes bear the label of Oeko-Tex® 100 (No 2011LK0006). It’s the sign that a product has successfully passed tests based on more than 100 health-relevant parameters carried out by the independent testing institutes of the OEKO-TEX® Association (tests were made in Spain AITEX institute). Products bearing the OEKO-TEX® label meet high human ecological requirements.



With the help of high-tech, the tourmaline crystal being used in yellow strip of Gentle Day®, has the ability to generate Far Infrared Rays (heat) and Anions (negative oxygen ions) under the factor of body heat, moisture and pressure or friction. Far Infrared Rays – is also gaining popularity as a safe heat therapy method of natural health care and physiotherapy. Negative ions inhibit bacterial growth. The concentration of anions in the FAR - IR ANION strip is 6000 cm³.



Anion strip helps to reduce bad smell and growth of bacteria inside the lining; it gives feeling of freshness, comfort and protects the reproductive system and intimate skin from ailments caused by bacteria in liners and pads.


COTTON SURFACE. Pantiliners top cotton is totally chlorine-free,no toxic dioxins are released. It is free of skin irritants and chemicals such as fragrances and dyes. Free of fungicides and pesticides. Cotton is biodegradable. Cotton like surface of day and night use pads is made of soft nonwoven fabric. It is hydrophobic so it quickly absorbs the liquid and remains dry therefore does not irritate the skin.





 In June 2012 a dermatological study was carried out at the Centre of Dermatovenerology, during which 30 women used Gentle Day ® sanitary pads and pantiliners. This study showed that:
• 100% of the women did not experience any of the following skin irritations: rash, redness, rubbing, burning, or itching;
• 100% of the women did not sense an unpleasant odor;
• 70% of the women noticed that the odor was suppressed;
• 98% of the women, used fewer Gentle Day® pads than other types they had used before;
• 100% of the women evaluated pads and pantiliners as convenient and very convenient.



 A normal pH level of a human skin is between 4.5 and 6.0. This means that healthy skin is slightly acidic. A slightly acidic environment can fight off bacteria and fungus. The changes in pH level can be affected by hormonal changes, stress, but most breakdowns are caused by external factors and using unbalanced pH hygiene products. Harsh chemicals also disrupt skins pH level. When a breakdown occurs in the pH the skin becomes alkaline. As a result, may present irritation, itching, pain, odour, abnormal discharge or infection. For your safety and comfort all Gentle Day® products have balanced pH so it will not cause any skin irritation.


                                 Our sanitary napkins and                                                                                                    

        wetwipes pass the Oeko-Tex® human ecological tests by Aitex (Textile Industry Research Association) in Spain. Studies have been carried out on the 

concentrations of the substances like formaldehyde, aromas, phthalates, pesticides, fungicides, disinfectants, chlorine, organic tin compounds, heavy metals as lead, mercury and others. These chemicals may cause allergies, harm the reproductive system, as well as on concentration of heavy metals that accumulate over time and can cause mutations, birth defects and cancer. Wet wipes and intimate wash does not contain parabens, sodium laurel/laureth sulphate (SLS), colouring agents, alkalis or soap.

AIR PERMEABLE BASE PROVIDES FRESHNESS AND COMFORT. Fine ground calcium carbonate and plastic material is combined to form the microporous film. The pores are formed around the calcium carbonate particles during the manufacture of the film. Therefore sensitive skin is protected from heat and humidity even on the hottest day. Food grade glue strips do not clog pores of the base                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

   EXCELLENT PROTECTION FROM LEAKS.Protective folds at the sides protect from side leakage; high absorption rate – absorb up to 5 times more than average pads; soft non-woven fiber surface quickly absorbs liquid. Absorbent layer is made of chlorine- free, dust- free paper and super absorbent paper (SAP), which transforms liquid to a gel.    




Intimate wash is made of 99% of natural ingredients. Natural materials such as cotton, dust-free paper made of wood pulp are used producing sanitary napkins and bamboo fiber is used for the wet wipes.



ISO 14001:2004 focus on environmental management systems, that means efficiency of machines processes and transport improved, more efficient use of natural resources and waste management, minimize the operations that negatively affect the environment (cause adverse changes to air, water, or land).



Sanitary pads are very cost efficient due to absorbency and antibacterial function. Women will notice that they are using fewer Gentle Day® pads than other types they had used before. Usually all organic and ECO sanitary pads have very low absorbency level, therefore a number of pads are used during the period and it cannot ensure protection from leakage