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About Us

The request for low price products tempted many manufacturers to seek innovation while compromising quality and paying less attention to safety and comfort. Drawn by this issue our company Gentle day USA Ltd. decided to develop products of the highest quality that would improve women's health and increase the level of comfort. In the saturated market of feminine hygiene products, Gentle Day® brand stands out because of the spirit of innovation and genuine concern about woman's health.


Since 2015 Eco Gentle Ltd was started collaborating with the European company AAAA Europe Distribution and has launched a new Gentle Day® brand into the European market. Our main focus is to develop ecological and natural products for feminine hygiene. Starting with sanitary napkins of exceptionally high quality with FAR-IR ANION strip, we are constantly expanding our product range. With the help of chemical technicians we find the best ingredients and formulas to serve intimate feminine hygiene with more care and greater attention to health. We work with reliable manufacturers from China and Europe. We envision a distribution channel that spans the world wide and has just started up in the United Kingdom. In the mean time, we market our products in the Baltic States such as Latvia and Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus,Poland, Ireland, Slovakia.





The main objective of our company is to present to the world market the highest quality hygiene products that enhance women‘s health and well-being. Gentle Day® is constantly expanding its product range with ecology and health care in mind.

Potential distributors, pharmacies, stores, business partners may contact our company for further information

We submit 4 reasons for business partnership with the exclusive products:

- no equivalent to this product in the world;
- the only eco-friendly organic Sanitary Napkins with FAR-IR Anion Strip;
- niche product with easy launches into the retail trade and pharmacy networks;
- eco certified, superior protection and exclusive skin care wins loyal clients.



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